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Atlanta Crime Incident Reports

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot at Brannon Hill Condominiums in DeKalb, Baby in Critical Condition

Could a civil lawsuit force the Brannon Hill Condominiums to take partial responsibility for the shooting death of a pregnant 20-year-old woman on their property? 

Jerri Dudley fatally shot at Sunrise Inn motel in Albany

Does the owner of Sunrise Inn hotel in Albany, GA face legal liability after a fatal shooting left one dead at the troubled hotel?

2 Teenagers Dead in Shootout at the Retreat at Greenbriar Apartments

Will the owner of the Retreat at Greenbriar Apartments face civil liability for a shootout at the complex that left two dead and more wounded?

Shooting at Elite at City Park Apartments Leaves Man in Critical Condition

A shooting at the Elite at City Park apartments sent one person to the hospital. Could the property owner be found liable for negligent security?

Another Fatal Shooting at West Club Apartments Leaves 3 Teenagers Dead

Does the owner of West Club Apartments face civil liability after triple homicide resulting from an early morning shooting on the property?

Grove Adams Park Apartments Site of New Gun Violence

Does the owner of Grove Adams Park apartments have a responsibility to increase security after another injury related to gun violence at the complex?

Man shot at Helios Apartments in Lindridge-Martin Manor

Could the owners of the Helios Apartments apartments could be found partially liable for injured parties in a shooting at the complex?

Homicide at the Fairway Gardens Apartments Latest in String of Deadly Shootings There

Could a fatal shooting at the Fairway Gardens apartments leave the property owners liable in civil court?

Double Fatal Shooting at The Ashberry Apartments Still Unsolved

Could a double homicide at The Ashberry expose the property's owners to liability for negligent security? 

We believe that when violent crime occurs on a property, the owners and management should be held accountable if they were aware of the risk, if they failed to warn patrons and guests, and if they did not implement reasonable security measures. The law is on our side. But only the survivors of violent crimes and the families of victims can stand up and demand justice. We can help.
  • $5.1 Million Settlement

    Atlanta Apartment Carjacking Survivor

  • $6 Million Settlement

    Atlanta Apartment Shooting Death

  • $3.7 Million Verdict

    Fatal Atlanta Apartment Shooting

It is up to survivors and their families to demand justice.

Only the survivors of violent crimes or the families of victims can use the civil court system to hold property owners and managers accountable when they fail to take reasonable precautions to protect tenants and guests from known threats. By holding them accountable, we can motivate property owners to make meaningful changes to prevent violent crime from happening to others. In that way, together, we can help Make Atlanta Safe.

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