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Authorities ID Victim Found Fatally Shot At Laurel Pointe

What role did poor security play in the death of Johnathan McWilliams at Laurel Pointe apartments?

Johnathan McWilliams, a resident of Laurel Pointe, was found dead in his room by Clayton police. Residents heard multiple gunshots hours earlier, and the victim was reported dead at the scene. Paulette Smith, the mother of the deceased, is pleading with members of the community to come forward with whatever information they have on the crime.

Georgia law has put measures in place to hold landlords accountable when they fail to provide adequate security for tenants and guests. Landlords and owners have a duty to their residents to keep their communities safe by taking reasonable measures to prevent foreseeable crime. These types of measures are frequently seen in adequate fencing, visible security cameras, or the presence of onsite security.

Online reviews of the Laurel Point Apartments document a myriad of complaints against the owners. One reviewer complains of “too many shootings on the basketball court” and “they need to activate these gates to keep people who do not live here out of here and shooting up our homes.” Another reviewer says “a lot of people have been killed in there over drugs” and that “armed robberies and home invasions” are common.

Landlords and property owners are required to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable crime. It is up to the survivors and the families of the victims of violent crime to use the civil justice system to stand up to landlords and hold property owners and managers accountable for failing to provide adequate security. Hopefully, we can force them to make changes to deter violent crime in the future. In this way we can help Make Atlanta Safe, one community at a time.

We believe that when violent crime occurs on a property, the owners and management should be held accountable if they were aware of the risk, if they failed to warn patrons and guests, and if they did not implement reasonable security measures. The law is on our side. But only the survivors of violent crimes and the families of victims can stand up and demand justice. We can help.

It is up to survivors and their families to demand justice.

Only the survivors of violent crimes or the families of victims can use the civil court system to hold property owners and managers accountable when they fail to take reasonable precautions to protect tenants and guests from known threats. By holding them accountable, we can motivate property owners to make meaningful changes to prevent violent crime from happening to others. In that way, together, we can help Make Atlanta Safe.

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