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Bradley Pratt
and Chuck Clay

About Pratt Clay LLC

Both Bradley Pratt and Chuck Clay began their careers as corporate defense attorneys, but after years of practice, they shifted their focus to fighting for individuals who had been harmed by the actions of big companies. Chuck says,"I saw an opportunity to not only help families, but to force property owners to make changes that would save lives in the future."
Bradley agrees, “While I’m proud of my success representing Fortune 100 companies, the longer I practiced, the more I felt myself drawn toward representing people with legitimate claims, people who were seeking justice.” Bradley and Chuck joined forces in 2017, and they’ve never looked back.

Chuck Clay, Founding Partner

For Chuck, the opportunity to leave corporate defense and begin representing people whose lives had been shattered by preventable disasters came when family friends turned to him for help after losing loved ones in a catastrophic incident. He was successful in helping them make a significant recovery, and he made an investment in starting his own law practice.

Chuck first encountered negligent security cases while defending corporate property owners. “At first I was very skeptical of these cases,” Chuck says, “and I didn’t see how a property owner could be held responsible for the actions of criminals. But the deeper I got into the work, the more I was presented with evidence that these companies knew about the threat of violent crime on their properties, and not only did they not take proper precautions make people safer, they often made little to no effort to warn residents, customers, and gusts of the danger.”

When Chuck started practicing as a plaintiff’s attorney, he put an emphasis on negligent security cases, and since then, he has recovered tens of millions of dollars for the victims of violent crimes.

Bradley Pratt, Founding Partner

As a corporate defense lawyer, Bradley earned a national reputation for defending transportation and logistics companies when their drivers were involved in collisions that resulted in catastrophic injuries or deaths. “Often the cases became very complicated,” Bradley explains, “requiring specialized experts, and very frequently we faced unusual legal obstacles.”

After defending one of the world’s largest shipping companies against multiple lawsuits, Bradley decided to shift gears and focus his complex litigation experience on helping individuals who had been badly injured and the families of those who had been killed in collisions with commercial vehicles. “The same precision litigation strategies required to litigate trucking cases translate well to negligent security cases, where there are often multiple defendants, a need for specialized experts, and unique legal challenges that change from one jurisdiction to the next.”

Bradley’s experience defending Fortune 100 companies against difficult cases makes him particularly adept at navigating the legal system on behalf of plaintiffs, crafting unique strategies for each case to get the right result for each family we serve.

James P. Myers, Associate Attorney

A seasoned trial lawyer, Jim Myers has a successful record of litigating high-stakes catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. After 16 years defending some of the most-respected companies and health care providers in the country, Jim brought his experience to Pratt Clay. He’s developed a passion for negligent security cases because he feels the work can make a tangible difference for the community. Jim’s favorite part of being a plaintiff’s lawyer is helping people through the most challenging chapters of their lives. “The legal process is intimidating,” Jim says, “and having someone with compassion who can relate to you is very important.”

  • Tammy Thorton, Paralegal

    Born in Elberton, Tammy has lived in Georgia all her life and she has a passion for fighting to make it a safer place for people to live. Tammy has been a paralegal for more than 30 years, racking up more live trial experience than most lawyers get in a lifetime. She has participated in mock trials and managed shadow juries, making her a valued part of our trial team. She loves working with our clients, and they love working with her.
  • James Leeson, Paralegal

    After four years working for insurance defense firms, James became increasingly frustrated knowing that his efforts were helping insurance companies save money at the expense of people who had been hurt through no fault of their own. He switched sides and joined the team at Pratt Clay, LLC, where he celebrates each settlement and each verdict -- not just as a victory for our clients, but as a victory against an impersonal corporate culture concerned only with the bottom line.

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